Controls: Move - Left/Right

Objective: Go as far as you can! I believe in you!

A Million Stars is an infinite runner. Try not to hit a wall.

Class: Pixel Prototype

Prompt: Make a Game That Will Make You a Million Dollars

Postmortem: As an infinite runner, it lives and dies by its tuning. I think it's super fun as it is here, but the level generation is very one note so I want to update that. Beyond that, visuals and audio need improvement. Very rarely, the level generation will just screw you over, but it happens infrequently enough that it is still very much playable. Most of the time you think you've gotten screwed, you can actually make it through.

Also, the original version of this prototype had a bunch of subtle manipulations in it. I had code that would randomly increase or decrease your turn radius or cause lag frames when you were moving near a wall. Those have been REMOVED from this version, so if you think you're seeing lag or getting a different turn radius, it's all in your head.