PlayerTurnRight PedalLeft Pedal
P1S/FLeft ShiftA
P2Left/Right ArrowsNM

Objective: Alternate your pedals in order to ride your bicycle around the velodrome. Theoretically, complete four laps before your opponent. In reality, just enjoy a nice bike ride.

Playing with Matches is a game about Match Sprint Cycling. If you have never seen what that looks like, give this a quick watch. Unfortunately, due to an incident involving fire and my apartment, Playing with Matches never really reached the level of completeness I had hoped for.

Class: Pixel Prototype

Assignment: Make a game about the Olympics

Postmortem:  Because of the aforementioned incident, the key mechanics governing both the interesting aspects of Match Sprint Cycling and also its base-level aspects are absent. Still, I think pedaling feels good and has interesting applications. I hope to come back and actually finish this at some point, but as it stands, it has very little to it.