(built off of code written by Bennett Foddy)


PlayerMovementFlip Window
P2Arrow KeysX

Objective: Theoretically, two players compete to make their shape (as assigned in the bottom right corner) out of open windows surrounded entirely by closed windows. In reality, the functions which check open windows are (apparently) broken and the game A) runs very slowly and B) marks shapes as complete when they clearly aren't.

Tjetro is a mod of Bennett Foddy's Murder. It is a competitive shape-making game based on Neil Cicierega's short Game Boy mystery series. You play Russian spies making radio transmitters based on Tetris technology, anticipating being sent off to infiltrate Nintendo factories and hide the transmitters in the upcoming Game Boy line of products.

Class: Pixel Prototype

Assignment: Mod One Of Bennett Foddy's Made-For-This-Class Prototypes

Postmortem: Given that the actual assignment was to familiarize ourselves with the engine, I'm proud of this gigantic mess. I still believe that the idea behind the weird competitive puzzle game is interesting, especially with the push/pull between losing track of yourself behind windows and trying to complete shapes quickly.