MoveJumpAir Stall
Right/LeftX (while grounded)X (while airborne)

Objective: Reach the green square.

Up and Over is an idea with a lot of promise, but this version of it is very contained and derivative. Potentially in the future it'll have more complex gameplay mechanics and level designs. As it stands, though, it is pretty much a rip of: Andi Mcclure's Jumpman, Jason Rohrer's Inside a Star Filled Sky, and Anna Anthropy's Mighty Jill Off.

Class: Pixel Prototype

Assignment: Make a game based on this image

Postmortem: Overall, pretty in the middle on this one. Really happy with the visual effect, but the actual game is lackluster. The best part of it is a mechanic that is better implemented in a different game. It'll take some work to make it more interesting, but I think that it's fine given the timeframe it was made in.